Hello! I'm Kyle. I'm a developer of video games!


Collect ghosts in this spooky strategic turn-based RPG.

Emoji TD

A colourful Tower Defense game!

Helix Slider

A fast paced action avoidance game.


A browser-based arcadey collection game.

Crime Girl

Steal emeralds in this arcade-style platformer.


Another fast paced action avoidance game.

Helix Hexagon

A browser-based tribute to Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon.

Bread Duck

Save the Bagel Cats in this quirky puzzle platformer.


Deploy spaceships to protect your home base. How long can you survive?

Helix Defense 2

Build defenses to save the day across multiple unique missions.

Helix Defense

Build defenses to fight off the endless enemy hordes.