Hello! I'm Kyle. I'm a developer of video games, software, and other fun stuff! I'm based in the United Kingdom, land of good weather.

Astral Slider

Astral Slider is an immersive time-attack laser racer. Slide through a number of different astral cyberworlds and blast your way past obstacles to increase your speed and beat your top scores. Play flatscreen or in VR.

Steam | itch.io | SideQuest

Developed in Unity. Published on desktop platforms and Oculus Quest.


A strategic turn-based RPG that tells the story of a post-apocalyptic haunted Great Britain.

Steam | itch.io

A nice tower defense game with plenty of levels and variety to keep you busy 😁

Apple App Store | Google Play Store | Steam | itch.io

Helix Slider

A fast paced action avoidance game that will hopefully not make you barf. Spin around an endless twisting tube for as long as you can!

Steam | itch.io

Crime Girl

Crime Girl has one dream: to own every emerald in the world, by hook or by crook. Use the grappling gun and help her make her dreams come true!



Play it in your browser! A turn-based version of a classic arcade genre. Collect the fruit!


Polyspatial is a simple yet deadly action game that will test your reaction times and destroy you.

Helix Hexagon

Action! Avoidance! A browser-based tribute to Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon.

Bread Duck

Fight the flying Bread Knives and save the Bagel Cats in this quirky puzzle platformer.


Deploy spaceships to protect your home base. How long can you survive?

Helix Defense 2

Build defenses and mazes to save the day across multiple unique missions.

Helix Defense

Build up defenses to survive as long as possible against the endless enemy waves.